Spring Dead Spot

Spring Dead Spot (Ophiosphaerella korrae, O. narmari, or O. herpotricha)


Grass Affected

Bermudagrass, especially sterile hybrids. Infrequent on zoysiagrass.


Diagnostic Description

  • First appears as circular dead areas 6 inches up to 4 feet in diameter in spring during greenup. Normally bermudagrass eventually covers the dead areas as the growing season progresses and the dead areas do not increase in size until the next spring. Note: scout and map diseased spots in spring, treat with fungicides in late summer through early fall.


Conditions Favoring Infestation and Typically Yearly Occurrence

Favored by thatch-prone hybrid bermudagrass over-fertilized with N and under-fertilized with manganese. Symptoms are in spring, infection is in fall.