Fire Ant Program

fire-antFire ants are small reddish brown to nearly black in appearance. They range in size from 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch. Fire ant nest are easily recognized by their characteristic dome shape, size and apparent lack of an entrance hole. Mounds found in shady or frequently disturbed sites such as grass are often flatter and more difficult to recognize. Disturbances of a mound creates a characteristic aggressive “boiling” affect of ants coming out of the mound in a defensive action, attacking and stinging all intruders.
Each nest may contain anywhere from a few hundred ants to 350,000 ants. It is not uncommon for infestation with 300 mounds per acre to occur. Nests are usually located in open areas such as lawns, pastures, and golf courses. They frequently will take advantage of protective structures such as rocks, pavement, stumps, rotten logs, etc. While they are generally an outdoor problem, they do occasionally infect indoor structures. They economic impact of fire ants is well documented. One survey done in 1998 concluded that 33,000 people in the state of South Carolina sough medical addition, of those 15% had severe localized allergic reaction and 2% had severe systemic reaction resulting in anaphylaxis shock. Roots offers a guaranteed fire ant program. A one time application to the entire landscape will control fire ants for up to 52 weeks. The application also controls fleas & ticks as well.