Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring (Basidiomycetes spp. such as Agrocybe, Chlorophyllum, Lycoperdon, Marasmius, Tricholoma spp., + other mushroom fungi.))


Grass Affected

All turfgrasses


Diagnostic Description

  • A circular or semi-circular band of darker green stimulated growth. The band may be up to 12-in. In width while the circular area may vary from a few inches to several feet in diameter. Rings of mushrooms or puffballs may emerge following heavy rainfall or irrigation. Three types of symptoms are described for fairy things:
  • Type I – a zone of dead grass forms just inside a zone of dark-green grass from mushroom mycelia causing soil to dry.
  • Type II – only a circular band of dark-green, rapidly growing turf occurs, with or without mushrooms present in the band. Turf is normally not killed.
  • Type III – these simply have a ring of mushrooms present and do not have a dead zone or a stimulated dark-green zone.

Conditions Favoring Infestation and Typically Yearly Occurrence

Favored by dry, windy conditions which then dry soil and low fertility sites. Warm months.