Order/Family: Homoptera/Aphidae


  • Adults are 1/16- to 1/4-inch long.
  • Adults may or may not have wings.
  • The body is bulbous with two tube-like projections (cornicles) near the tip of the abdomen. Nymphs look like the adults but are smaller. The eggs are oval and black.
  • Adults are varied in color depending on species.


Biology and Habits:

  • Eggs are the overwintering stage and are found on bark and needles.
  • As aphids feed they secrete a sugary substance (honey-dew) that, as it ages, produces a black sooty mold.
  • There are several generations per year.


  • Aphids suck plant juices from buds, leaf veins and tissues under the bark using their piercing and sucking mouthparts.
  • Damaged leaves appear stunted, deformed, and discolored; heavily damaged leaves die.