Animal Urine and Feces

The primary problem with animal urine and feces is the damage to turfgrass areas due to excess nitrogen in localized spots causing dead, straw-colored turf or dark green grass. Spots are most noticeable in the spring on warm-season turf and summer for cool-season turf. As the waste dilutes to the edges of the spot, the grass will appear dark green from the slow release of nitrogen. Since feces are normally solid, the time it takes to decompose and release waste us much longer than urine. This situation results in deep-green spots. Dogs, deer, and racoons are animals most often associated with this damage.


Diagnostic Description

  • Animal (most often female dogs) spots appear in circular patches of scorched, dead turf, especially during periods of heat.
  • Some affected areas may appear as small spots (2-3 inches in diameter), darker-green in color than the surrounding turf while others show dead centers with a dark-green periphery.
  • Strong smells of urine is often noticeable for considerable time.