Algae (various species; primarily blue-green algae or cyanobacteria)


Grass Affected

All turfgrasses. Most prevalent on turf mowed excessively low.


Diagnostic Description

  • Turf areas in partially shaded, damp locations become weak and begin to thin. Traffic and close-mowing enhance potential for algae development. Long-term overcast, rainy weather periods encourage algae on putting greens. Commonly green or or brown in color and can be sheet-like, leaf-like, or cushion-like in appearance.
  • Due to their high water content, algae is often slippery. Algae growth may become so prolific they cover turf plants and inhibit water penetration.


Conditions Favoring Infestation and Typically Yearly Occurrence

Favored by shady, damp locations receiving traffic and close-mowing. Mostly during warm wet weather.